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Rena Wang Yu Ning


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Nice to meet you & let's connect!

Hi! I am a Chinese-Canadian UI/UX Designer based in Japan with 5 years of designing experiences. I am passionately curious about design and IT, and I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, user-friendly, and beautiful design experiences.

About Me.

My journey in design began during my high school years, where I served as the Yearbook Editor/Designer in grade 11. My passion for design then led me to my first professional career in 2016 as a Channel Marketing Specialist at Microsoft Canada. There, I developed my skills in creating compelling advertisement designs, banners, and brochures across various channels.


I always knew that I was interested about Japanese culture and designs, and enrolled in a master program at Kyoto University. Later, I joined SAP Japan as a UX Designer. For the past 3 years and 10 months, I have worked at SAP, creating seamless user experiences (mobile, web, immersive experience, 3D and etc.) for our customers. During my time here, I was exposed to many different industry, finance, retail, HR, education, energy, government etc., and it has been a wonderful learning experience for me. And ever since, I have absolutely loved interacting with end users, understanding their challenges and pain points, conducting user research, and building the desirable and engaging software solutions that solve business problems.

Working Experience


UI/UX Designer
SAP (Japan)

  • Led design engagement and help customers across APJ to innovate better, simpler, and more impactful business solution

  • Provided 35+ piece of UX designs (including software, mobile application, 3D Immersive Experience, conceptual design etc.)

  • Collaborated with Developers, Innovation Advisors, Sales and Presales during various stage of projects


Marketing Designer

Microsoft (Canada)

  • Worked closely with retailers such as Amazon, EB Games, Walmart and Best Buy to design innovative campaigns and to ensure optimal sales performance for Xbox and Windows products.

  • Supported various marketing projects from the beginning to the end, including Boxing Week Visual Merchandise promotion at 410 Walmart locations, generated more than $500,000 in revenue

  • Pitched and presented creative ideals to senior management about Surface laptops and community engagement

My Skills

General Skills

User Research
Usability Testing
Design Thinking

Designing Tools

Adobe Creative Suite

Soft Skills

User Empathy
Business Cummunication
Project Management

Languages I speak




N2 Certificate



My Projects

1. Uniform Customization

This story is about how I designed an innovative solution for a Japanese sports clothing company that streamlines the back-end process for designing and ordering custom uniform, simplifying order management and finance workflow.  

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 18.26.50.png

2. Live Shopping

This story is about how I designed a Live Shopping Solution enables companies to easily set up and monitor Live Shopping sessions across channels, while collecting valuable data for generating actionable insights.


3. B2B Payment User Research Journey

In this case study, I would like to showcase how I contributed to the successful collaboration between SAP and Visa to create a new B2B payment solution for SAP customer. Leveraging the power of User Research and User Design.

Entering credit card details

Other Design Samples

You can view some of my other design samples here, include UX Design, Graphic Design, Immersive Experience Room Design, 3D Design, Logo Design, Marketing Design and many more. 

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