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Other Design Samples


Smart Energy Application

A Smart Dashboard solution for a energy company. Users can monitor their energy usage and change energy plan.

My role is to provide the UX design, work with customer councils and sales to gather requirements and conceptualize user journey.

LG 2.png

Advanced Talent Search

This solution is a HR tool for HR to identify suitable candidates. Machine learning will suggest list of candidates and history data of the role, help to match the best candidate for each position. 

My role is to define the product experience, and build the solution concept from scratch while working closely with customers and machine learning specialist. 

Garbage Collection Driver Application

‘UberEats’ for garbage collection, drivers in the area can empty the filled garbage bin to collect payment.

My role, build the solution concept from scratch, working closely with customer and innovation team to deliver the product.

Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 16.35.25.png

Furniture Shopping in the Metaverse

Building a 3D experience for a furniture and home appliance customer. User can freely walk around in the Metaverse and interact with the store staff.

My role is to conceptualize the end-to-end customer experience and user journey, working with the software engineer to build it out. 


Employee Diversity Dashboard

A solution on SAP Analytics Cloud for the HR to view employee diversity index in the company, such as gender, age, country distribution and their correlation to job grade


My role is to work with CFO of SAP to discover the process, understand pain points and design this conceptual experience

SAP Experience Center Singapore.png

Logo Design

During my time at SAP Japan, I had the opportunity to design multiple logos. I would like to highlight two of my favorite logos that are currently in use. The first logo was designed for my current team, the Innovation Office, while the second logo was designed for the SAP Experience Center in Singapore.

Xbox Banner for Walmart Site
Microsoft Surface Pitch
Viewbook for University of Waterloo
Escape Room Poster
Microsoft Costco Advertisement
Windows Magazine Advertisement
Xbox Wordcloud
GOW Advertisement on Magazine
Microsoft Flipp Xbox One S Magazine
Microsoft Flipp GOW 1 Magazine
Microsoft EB Games Website
Microsoft EB Game Updated Hologram Download
MOLEX Product Banner

Marketing Design Works

You can view here for a collection of my graphic design works, most from my Marketing Designer experience at Microsoft Canada.

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