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Live Shopping

This solution (SAP Live) combines Live Shopping, SAP Commerce Cloud, social media, and machine learning. This product empowers companies to effortlessly set up Live Shopping sessions, monitor their performance across Live Shopping channels, and collect valuable data for generating insights. As a UX Designer and co-founder of a SAP internal accelerator program, I led a 1-month design engagement to create this innovative solution. Through design-led development and design thinking methods, I applied my UX strategy skills to rapidly prototype and bring this concept to life.

1. The Business Challenge

Live Shopping, the use of streaming services as a sales tool, emerged as a booming $500 billion market in 2022, capturing the attention of our customers and the Customer Experience (CX) team. However, SAP lacked a Live Shopping solution. In response, CX industry experts engaged with my team to develop a Live Shopping solution that seamlessly integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud. The challenge was clear: How can we customize Live Shopping for SAP retailers and customers, creating a new sales channel? 

My role: I was the UX Research, UX Designer, Visual Designer for this project. To take this idea further, I formed a team with Customer Advocacy expert and participated in the SAP.iOAcceleration Program. My roles allowed me to contribute to various aspects of the project, from research and design to strategy and business development. 


Design Framework: For this project, I have used the SAP internal recommended Design led development framework. 

2. Explore

To kickstart the project, I conducted interviews with CX experts and potential customers interested in Live Shopping. I was asking them questions such as their online sale strategy, if they have used Live Shopping for marketing tools, and etc.

In parallel, I assembled a skilled team comprising a project management expert, two development experts, and two design experts. Through a discovery workshop, we identified key use cases, user journeys, and personas, aligning our goals and setting clear expectations.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 3.21.57.png

Simple journey map I have created to showcase the experience

3. Discover

After conducting the internal Design Thinking Session, I gained valuable insights into the requirements and customer expectations for the Live Shopping solution. Building upon this foundation, I took the next step by diving deep into the existing processes and workflows to further refine the solution.

Besides only using UX Design tools, I recognized the importance of holistic approach and set up a session specifically focused on discussing the Encore Value Proposition and creating a Business Canvas. This session was instrumental in highlighting the core value of our solution and identifying the key features that needed to be incorporated into the design.

Screenshot from Value Proposition Sessions

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 3.25.28.png
Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 3.25.43.png

Competitor Analysis Map helps me to find the core features

4. Design

By using Adobe XD, I created prototype designs for web and mobile platforms, showcasing the Live Shopping experiences on our proposed platform. The designs underwent several rounds of internal reviews and iterations before being finalized.


5. Deliver

In the final step of the project, I invited industry experts from the CX team to present and handover the Live Shopping solution. The design was met with success as the members of the CX team expressed their satisfaction with the prototype. They acknowledged the value and potential of the solution and will continue using it in their customer engagements.


I have also presented the prototype during the SAP internal acceleration competition, reaching the final round of the global demo day. While the project did not make it into the final selection for the acceleration program, the prototype demonstrated the potential and value of our Live Shopping solution.


Despite not being selected for the acceleration program, the journey of designing and developing this Live Shopping solution exemplified the power of design-led thinking and rapid prototyping. It showcased my ability to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation within SAP.

Provided Architecture Diagram


Designed Pricing Model

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